Top Personal Finance Apps for 2012

Jul 31, 12 Top Personal Finance Apps for 2012

Five money management tools to keep your wallet in check discussed in the top personal finance apps for 2012.

I admit; I wasn’t always on top of my own personal finances. However, thanks to a few handy personal finance apps, if you looked at my monthly finances now—you’d probably think I had a professional accountant on retainer. Hardly the case!

However, as soon as T-Mobile dropped Samsung’s new Galaxy Siii, I bought that sucker and hand selected a few smart phone finance apps that help me keep track of my personal money spending all on my mobile device. Not only do the following finance apps helps me keep my wallet in check even when I’m traveling for business or pleasure, they also keep me from doing anything stupid when let loose at an outlet mall.

Here are the top five personal finance apps that I use to for money management…

1. Easy Envelope Budget Aid (Free – for Android & iPhone)

The most unique thing about the Easy Envelope Budget Aid app compared to other personal finance apps of its kind is that this app can be shared if you happen to share a bank account or budget with a spouse or significant other. Not only does this app assign spending limits—it tracks finances collaboration style with real-time updates whenever a transaction occurs. Like the Expenditure app, this one also breaks spending down into categories, where you can assign certainly weekly or monthly budgets and see where the majority of you’re spending occurs.

2. Grocery Gadget ($2.99 – for Android, $3.99 – for iPhone)

I hate going to the grocery store right after I get paid. Why? Because I tend to overspend on stuff I don’t need—like gourmet ice cream, sea scallops, and designer cheeses (I’m so ashamed). However, the Grocery Gadget app is a digital grocery shopping list that organizes and streamlines my shopping trips. The app employs a digitized shopping list that even stores my items in the order they appear in the aisles at my usual market. Plus, if I buy certain items at other stores to save money, it stores those to mimic my routine shopping route.

3. Shoeboxed (Free – for Android & iPhone)

The Shoeboxed app saves me a ton come income tax time. By saving digitized copies of all of my receipts—I no longer have to go searching though my purse for crumpled receipts necessary to prove my tax write offs for things like gas, business travel expenses, client meals, and utilities. All I do now is take a photo of my receipt with my smart phone camera, and I’ll be treated to the digital copy of my transaction a few days later in my inbox.

4. Key Ring (Free – for Android & iPhone)

You know how it feels when you quickly go to the mall, drugstore, or gas station to make a quick purchase, but forget your loyalty card? It feels like a massive fail—all of those free points lost! Well the Key Ring app digitizes all your store loyalty cards in one place so you never have to carry the plastic cards again. This app stores all data electronically in a single app so you can redeem points and use e-coupons whenever you shop at participating stores.

5. Expenditure (Free – for Android)

This budgeting app is like the drill sergeant of money management! It keeps a detailed record of every transaction made by the user, which is especially helpful if you are trying to curb spending or monitor your expenses. Expenditure will also help you identify spending issues—for instance, after using this app for a week I started to notice that I spent a ridiculous amount of money eating out. This app let me track my spending by category so I got a clear view of where the majority of my money was being spent frivolously.

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