Staycation? What Staycation?

Jun 25, 09 Staycation? What Staycation?

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Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet First, let me apologize for my long absence from the site.  However, I believe that it...

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What’s In The Stimulus Plan

Tweet President Obama’s stimulus plan passed in the House of Representatives with no Republican votes.  Now the bill must pass the Senate before it goes to a Conference committee.  Once it leaves Conference Committee, the final version will be voted on by both the House...

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The Stimulus Plan Won’t Work

Tweet What has brought me to the point where I am echoing obstructionist Republicans, albeit for very different reasons?  The Republicans are currently seeking to completely derail the proposed stimulus package. However, they know that they do not have the numbers in...

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Three Infrastructure Projects Worthy Of Investment

Tweet Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to American economic, cultural, and military dominance.  We have accepted these predetermined outcomes without giving much thought as to how we would continue our reign at the top of the global heap. Now, we are at the brink...

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The Resurgence of Keynesian Economics

Jan 10, 09 The Resurgence of Keynesian Economics

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Tweet The key to understanding the proposed benefits and limitations of the proposed stimulus plan lies in grasping the basic tenets of Keynesian economics.  Keynes’s theories began to fade in popularity towards the end of the seventies. For nearly thirty years,...

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While Obama’s Rhetoric Soars, His Plan Comes Up Short

Tweet My favorite economist thinks President-Elect Obama’s proposed economic stimulus plan is insufficient.  Paul Krugman writes in today’s New York Times, “The economic plan he’s offering isn’t as strong as his language about the economic threat.  In fact, it...

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