How Remote Access Software Can Help You Save $ and Boost Business Efficiency

Aug 19, 09 How Remote Access Software Can Help You Save $ and Boost Business Efficiency

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Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet In such a fluctuating economy, it’s important to find ways to economize without...

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A Few Ways to Rehab Your Credit

Aug 12, 09 A Few Ways to Rehab Your Credit

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Tweet Unfortunately, it is all too easy to become mired in debt.  As a result, credit, the lifeblood of the economy, becomes unavailable.  Once your credit rating is low, you cannot get additional lines of credit, including credit cards or loans to buy a house or car.  A...

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Second Chance Banking

Tweet With the recession raging, many people have found themselves in either short-term or long-term financial trouble.  Unfortunately, these troubles can haunt you across many aspects of your life. Too many people do not realize that there are ways to navigate around...

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Well Within My Means

Jul 13, 09 Well Within My Means

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Tweet Like many Americans forced to confront new economic realities after the near collapse of our financial system, I have been learning to live within my means.  While most economists are lamenting the fact that most Americans have picked the worst economic crisis since...

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Le Stratégie

Mar 12, 09 Le Stratégie

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Tweet It was a beautiful night for a leisurely walk last Friday. After having coffee with my date at a community cafe of eccentric decor, we decided to browse the boutiques and various restaurants in a nearby urban retail district. Even if that decision was more so...

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The Negative Equity Groove

Feb 18, 09 The Negative Equity Groove

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Tweet As a little girl, I can recall the sounds of Frankie Beverly, Keith Sweat or “The Elements” wafting through the hall as my momma grooved around the house with a mop, a vacuum cleaner, Windex, and Pledge.  The music soothed her as she tidied the living room and...

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