Risky Business

Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet The crisis that almost brought about the fall of civilization as we know was started by...

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Consider Credit Debt Consolidation

Sep 14, 09 Consider Credit Debt Consolidation

Posted by in Budgeting, Family Matters, Saving

Tweet Americans have really been hurt by the recession.  Many people have watched their debt skyrocket as their mortgages rose, 401ks dwindled, and savings evaporated.  After an age of plenty, many families have come to realize that responsible financial planning is the...

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Misplaced Economic Outrage

Tweet Boo hoo!  AIG paid their top executives $160 million of our hard earned tax dollars and we are supposed to be up in arms about it.  Maybe you are genuinely pissed about this issue; and maybe it’s a way to rile up the Joes to get a free drink at the local...

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What Is Socialism, Really?

Mar 02, 09 What Is Socialism, Really?

Posted by in Recession Opinions

Tweet Americans have knee-jerk reactions to buzzwords that they do not fully comprehend.  Definitional or contextual ignorance of words and concepts can lead to stultifying exchanges that leave all parties exhausted and frustrated. In an desperate effort to remain...

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Understanding The Recession: The Credit Crunch

Tweet The government has sunk (understatement alert) a lot of money thus far trying to move the country out of this recession.  As of this writing, their attempts have proven futile.  “Why”, you may wonder, “have we spent all of this money and it has not...

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The Bank Bailout Boondoggle

Tweet Now that a weak, and underfunded stimulus plan has been voted on by the Senate and is on its way to conference, let us turn our attention to something a bit more important: the looming collapse of our financial sector. In the midst of the political squabbling over the...

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