Stress And Its Adverse Effects

Oct 15, 09 Stress And Its Adverse Effects
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Stress doesn’t only affect the mind; it can also have some adverse effects on your body if left unchecked.  Even if we are mentally capable of handling all of our tasks, there is a possibility that our bodies are suffering severely because of an undue burden.  If you continually push your body and mind to their limit, then you may suffer breakdown that can cause you considerable damage.  It is not healthy to deny that all of us have our limits.

Your Body and Stress

Stress affects us differently depending on the state of our minds and bodies.  The most common ailments attributed to mental stress are headaches or migraines.  Some of us also experience minor cramps, in addition to other aches and pains in our backs, shoulders, or other parts of our body.

There is also a possibility that stress can affect our body chemistry as well.  Untreated stress can cause nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, or even constipation.  Others actually form ulcers that abrade the linings of the organs.

All of these things are treatable.  However, if the source of the stress is not removed or the individual never learns to properly cope with their stress, then the individual will experience the same thing all over again.

Stress and Your Behavior

A person under the grip of stress may act rash and behave abnormally.  Depending on their stress levels, they might have trouble sleeping or be unable to sleep altogether.  Stress can also affect emotional states.  Some people will either go into a depression or vent their rage in extremely unhealthy and unproductive manners.  There are cases where stress drove a person into psychotic states that caused them to physically harm other people.

Coping With Your Problems

Nobody would be so crass as to deny that there are many problems facing us that naturally increase our stress levels.  The economy, the political battles in Washington, wars and rumors of wars…it is amazing that most of us keep together as well as do.  However, it is important to keep things in perspective.  Learn to recognize your stress triggers and find effective ways to cope with and lower your stress.  Stress begins in the mind and then starts to affect the body.  Do not succumb or let your health be harmed by an inability to recognize and handle stress.

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