The Stimulus Plan Won’t Work

Jan 28, 09 The Stimulus Plan Won’t Work
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What has brought me to the point where I am echoing obstructionist Republicans, albeit for very different reasons?  The Republicans are currently seeking to completely derail the proposed stimulus package.

However, they know that they do not have the numbers in Congress to block the stimulus plan’s inevitable passage.  No, I believe that what they are doing is much more insidious.  Criticism from the Left, while muted, has focused on the relatively narrow scope of the plan.  The plan is actually TOO SMALL to adequately jump start the economy.

However, the Republicans are arguing that the plan they initially supported, is now too pork-laden and bloated to actually help the economy recover.  The party adding ineffective, politically motivated pork to the bill are the Republicans in the form of tax cuts.  Yet, the Republicans are employing a common negotiating technique that appears to be working.

When negotiating, you make an outrageous offer in hopes of getting the merchant to agree to the price you were always willing to pay.  Instead of discussing the limitations of the original stimulus plan, the Republicans are succeeding in watering down further an already weak proposal.

Congress Reading From The Same Old Playbook

Congress Reading From The Same Old Playbook

The original stimulus plan, with its focus on shovel ready infrastructure projects, was flawed from the beginning.  The plan as it stands now will not create jobs fast enough to keep pace with the exploding unemployment rate.  Tax cuts have proven ineffectual at stimulating consumer spending because people are paying off debts and saving their money.

The Republicans have succeeded in adding more tax cuts into the Senate portion of the stimulus plan.  Why is President Obama so intent on squandering this historic opportunity on bipartisanship?

Especially when it is readily apparent that the Republicans do not give a damn that he won a mandate from the American people to fix this broken economy?  I have been railing against the limitations of the stimulus plan, hoping against hope that there would be bolder action to follow.

Watching the Democrats cave yet again, I can only shake my head in dismay and despair.  With the best numbers in a generation, they still lack the wherewithal to act boldly on behalf of a country in desperate straits.

Together, We Can Overcome

Together, We Can Overcome

Why won’t the stimulus plan work?  Is it a case of too many chefs in the kitchen?  Is it a lack of political will?  I believe that a combination of Republican obstructionism, coupled with a Democratic dearth of will, will make the final bill ineffectual at best and a magnificent waste of resources and goodwill at worst.

It is a brave new world.  It has become evident that those entrusted with the reins of power have no idea what they are doing.  We must bind together as a community now more than ever.

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