Remain Vigilant, Stay Informed

Sep 13, 09 Remain Vigilant, Stay Informed
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Newspapers are one of the most important transmitters of information in a free society.  Although their importance has diminished in the minds of many consumers, newspapers are one of the last bastions of reliable, unbiased journalism and thoughtful opinion.  There are only a few giant newspapers left.  One of the most informative and comprehensive papers, the Wall Street Journal, is one of these giants.  The Wall Street Journal provides in-depth information and reporting on a wide range of business topics.  Even though their editorial page skews toward the conservative end of the ideological spectrum, their news reporting is undeniably measured, reliable, and informative.

There are other newspapers that provide solid business journalism.  The New York Times also does an excellent job of covering business news, albeit from a more liberal perspective.  The NYT also does an superb job of supplying the reader with helpful hints for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Besides The Washington Post, which is the other go to paper for political news, the Journal and the Times are still the best papers for those who want to be well aware of current events.

The reason why so many people remain uninformed, and the quality of our civic discourse is deteriorating, is that they do not seek out knowledge that is readily at hand.  Granted, with the explosion of the new media, the blogosphere, and cable news, it can be extremely hard to penetrate through the din of yelling and misinformation.  However, it is imperative that you stay informed about the swirl of events surrounding you.  Only a few newspapers have the money to adequately report on the big news stories.  Newspapers are still a vital means of keeping lawmakers and lawbreakers honest.  If you do not read at least one paper a day, you owe it to yourself to get a newspaper subscription today.  We can ill afford to be caught off-guard again.

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