Selling Structured Settlement Annuities

Nov 26, 09 Selling Structured Settlement Annuities
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Unfortunately when you least expect it, you or someone else takes legal action to resolve an adverse matter. It may be a wreck or some specific scenario where all involved parties cannot come to pleasing terms.

You or the other party may not have the total funds needed to pay the settlement in one lump sum, so a structured settlement annuity is the only option to get the funds paid to the beneficiary.

Depending on who the payee is, the party may want to receive a lump sum payment as opposed to monthly payments. Sometimes structured settlement annuities are sold to insurance companies in order for you to receive your settlement all at once.

Insurance companies have the ability to purchase the annuity policies in cash from you or another insurance company to fulfill this preferred payment structure. This type of cash settlement comes in handy for an individual or family looking to pay off a debt or place a down payment on a home or other major purchase or investment.

The process involves following written guidelines, and agreeing on all involved disclosures in the agreement in order to successfully sell the settlement annuity. When the beneficiary and insurance companies involved agree upon a settlement amount and complete all necessary paperwork, a judge must approve of the settlement contract to finalize the process.

Be sure to educate yourself about related issues by obtaining more structured settlement information.

If you would like to discover more about selling a structured settlement annuity you can take a look at Solid Funding, a company that provides annuitants the opportunity to sell the rights to their future structured settlement and annuity payments.

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