Save Money By Trimming The Fat

Sep 25, 09 Save Money By Trimming The Fat
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Saving is more than cutting out big-ticket items and living an ascetic lifestyle.  You can save a substantial amount of money by making small adjustments in the way you currently do things.  Producers are adept at finding ways to squeeze extra money out of consumers.  Nevertheless, saving money is often as easy as recognizing common traps and exerting a little extra effort to avoid them.

Warranty Shop

Warranties are a necessity.  They cover you in the event that a product that you purchased is damaged.  Warranties cover a variety of contingencies.  However, coverage can be extraordinarily expensive, especially store bought or manufacturers warranties.  There are third-party warranty providers that will provide you the same protections at significant savings.  Surf the Internet and you might find exactly what you are looking for.

Eliminate ATM Fees

As banks struggle to stay in business, many have increasingly relied on rising ATM fees to earn a profit.  ATM fees seem minimal at first, but over the course of a month, those fees add up.  You can avoid paying ATM fees by simply writing a check for cash.  If your bank does not have an ATM close to your location, utilize the cash back option when you make purchases at certain stores.

Brown Bag It

Although I am reluctant to suggest this, the exorbitant cost of food at the movies and professional sports games requires some ingenuity.  Paying five dollars for a bag of candy or ten dollars for a hot dog is ridiculous.  Either take your own food or eat right before you go to any of these events.  It is a tad cheapskatish; however I can no longer justify paying that much for the “experience.”  Your wallet will thank you.

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