“Saturday… I’m the Saturday Man.”

Jan 31, 09 “Saturday… I’m the Saturday Man.”
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For those of you familiar with Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon you might remember that Guitar was actually the Sunday Man. Well we already got a Sunday man so this is what was left.  But that’s what being a broke writer is all about I guess.  Scraping up what you can get.

So I know you’re thinking two things right now: A.) Wasn’t Guitar the Sunday man for an organization that practiced genocide against people?, B.) I thought I was coming here for financial advice.  In reference to A., don’t worry my friends I’m not here to harm you. In a world where there is a black president and previously wealthy people are too poor to buy everything and take over more land, there is already enough balance that I don’t have to hate you.  As for B., just calm down for a second!  It’s the weekend man… You can go back to worrying about investments and how to maximize your dollars on Monday when you’re trying not to get noticed by your supervisor and ignoring your phone at work.  Besides, we got more financial advice here in our archives than you have money to spend.  I don’t know what you guys out there in internet land do for a living, but yours truly has chosen to pursue one of my few passions.  The others (Tetris and playing the card game of Hearts) have not exactly been marketable skills, even when our economy was in better shape, so I guess that only leaves writing.

Being an Artist, as I am, means taking on many different roles. Unless you’ve got some serious backing along with some serious star power you can’t exactly rest on your laurels in this profession.  Maybe that’s exactly why you the reader decided not to pursue your artistic talent, whatever it may be.  Maybe the grind of trying to make ends meet, along with putting energy into getting discovered was just too much to deal with so you got an office job that you hate and doesn’t pay you enough to deal with hating it, so now you’re looking for better ways to spend your money so you can rekindle those artistic flames in reference to your boss.  Raise your hand if you were wondering how the economy affects artists.  Sorry… I host an open mic as one of the aforementioned roles, and we’re kind of big on crowd participation.  Put your hands down.  Well my friends, that’s what we’re going to talk about together.  Just keep me in mind.  I’ll be back this way next Saturday.  In the meantime… would someone please leave me a comment and remind me that I want to post about delivering pizzas as a side hustle?  Not that it won’t come up many times, but I would hate to start a post next week that I marry myself to and then have to put off my Pizza delivery stories for too long.


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  1. pizza delivery huh?
    i had a friend who was delivering pizzas to make ends meet for a while.
    now he kicks people in the head for money.
    went from neighborhood bar fights, to k-1, to UFC. the state of the world.. and our economy as a whole has an obscure affect on people direction.. (and even their interests).
    as well as their opportunity. lets hear a story about pizza delivery.. and a year from now.. lets hear one about this open mic. im interested in where this is going.

    pass it on!

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