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Saving, Financial Planning & Management

Learning to save, budget, and manage your money is the first and most important step in financial planning.  Acquiring these skills is fundamental to surviving the recession.  However, these skills will serve you long after we have come out of this recession.  These resources will help you transition from saving and budgeting into other, profitable aspects of money management.

No-Risk Investments

Are you new to investing?  Why should you invest?  Do you even know what trading is?  These books will not only help you brush up on essential investment terms and ideas, but they will also help you become acclimated with a hobby that is sure to secure your financial future.

Smart Low-Risk Investments

Here you will find extremely useful literature that will help you navigate the vast array of investment options.  Whether you are considering mutual funds, real estate, or currency trading, smart decisions are key.  Having access to these resources is essential, especially when you are new to the investment market.  The STR Team updates this section periodically whenever we discover resources we deem useful.  Learning to make your assets work for you is the last, but most crucial, step towards financial independence.

Do you want to maximize any expenses or investments that you make on the road toward your financial freedom? If so, here’s where you need to start. We do not promote anything that would be a waste of your time or finances, especially during this critical economic period.

Please, take some time and browse these products. We have personally used each and everyone one of them; and we can state emphatically that they are worth every hard-earned penny. Feel free to ask us any questions about these products and we will provide you answers based upon our own personal experiences and success stories. Cheers to your financial success!