Removing a Charge From a Credit Report

Dec 02, 10 Removing a Charge From a Credit Report
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by Dave Stevens

Having a charge off removed from your credit bureau report is essential if you want to protect your credit. Most of the time, folks have no idea the negative item was there in the first place. If enough time passes and the creditor is unpaid, the bill will be treated as uncollectible and be charged off.

One of my best friends at one time had moved out of state. She had scheduled a meter reading the day of her move, but somehow it never got done. As a result, she ended up with a charge off from the utility company and it ended up affecting her credit for over 3 years.

Another friend ended up having a charge off on his report because he has the same name as his father. His father had passed away and the son was left with a bad mark on his credit report.

It is important to monitor your credit bureau reports diligently. Be aware of any mistakes and address them as soon as possible. A charge off on your credit report can lower your score substantially. There are many ways to get a free credit report. The three main bureaus are required by law to provide you with a free copy every year.

If worse comes to worse you may want to hire an attorney. The credit bureaus can be a real pain to deal with and sometimes you need a little muscle behind you. A good one is the Lexington Law Firm. They are a legitimate credit repair firm. They are not that expensive considering the important services they provide and the money they save you in the end. I had one friend who tried to go it alone and ended up calling them in the end because he wasn’t able to get anywhere with the bureaus.  They can usually get your credit straightened out within a month or two.

Want to know how to go about repairing your credit? Want to know how to LEGALLY remove a charge off from your credit bureau report? Just visit freedom credit review.

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