I Don’t Own the Recession

Feb 19, 09 I Don’t Own the Recession
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The world is, seemingly, crumbling around us, and somehow, I think I’m better off for it…

I don’t own the recession.  I’m not on some hokey, New Age bullshyt, I promise you.  I just work with and am related to a lot of women (in particular) who operate on a plain that can’t be touched by the happenings of this world.  Some of it is spiritual, some of it positive thinking/self-fulfilling prophecy, and I’m sure some of it is just straight-up disillusion and denial (what better time to be in such a state?  Shyt is fucked up!).  But, nonetheless, their take on the world — and the fact that I, honestly, can afford to put a lot of the table ‘cuz it’s just my existence at stake — has imbued me with this sometimes unnerving but undeniable halcyon grounding that seems to fly in the face of what I should be feeling.  And that’s largely because I’ve had a lot of “good” emerge from these trying times.

Is it a coincidence that as the world grows more uncertain, more unsure, more unstable with each passing minute, I have been able to tap into an inner-voice that the maddening dribble of er’day life had long sullied, stifled and sometimes silenced?  Is it ironic that as financial prospects fall, fizzle and flatline my romantic, creative and personal pursuits have soared in ways unimaginable even six months ago?  (More on the recessions affect on these and other factors in future posts.)  Is it odd that every morning in every newspaper I read the most disheartening and downright frightful stories, yet I’m awash with forward-thinking fortitude about what tomorrow might bring me?

Maybe not.  Maybe it was time for all of us to be bitch-slapped into a new reality, one where we have to be more resourceful, more cognizant of our environment, better stewards of both our world and our destinies.  Maybe the good (or potential) that I’m experiencing was always there but I was too caught up in the pursuit of [INSERT HERE] to pay attention — or maybe in that same pursuit, I ground and stomped that potential into an unrecognizable dust.

Too often, in our living of life, we don’t really live (that, admittedly, is a bit hokey, but damn, it’s true!)I’ve had to reexamine and rethink a lot of things (things I’ll share later, things I think, or hope, I’m not alone in thinking) and now, the “gift” of the recession and the reality of instability has given me clarity and perspective that allows me to weed through a whole lot of nothing.  True, things had to fall apart, so to speak, for me to get there, but that’s the beauty of creation.  None of us would be here without a little struggle, some wherewithal, an instinct and a drive to exist even when we don’t really know why it is so or what we’re supposed to do.  And besides, we’re human: I assert that we typically don’t do things in the easy, most straightforward way by that very fact.

For me, the recession has been about rebirth.  Recalibration.  Recreation.  Resolve.  Restoration. I’m about to be better, and I think that possibility lives in all of us.  The possibility to right wrongs, the possibility to re-prioritize the monotony and mundanity of our existence.  The possibility to reconnect to a bigger purpose, to find a better path, to be a better person.  And I can’t help but think that we all could be better in the midst of this storm, really.

So, like I said, I don’t own the recession…

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  1. Well said. If these times strip of us what is excessive and leaves only the most viable and vibrant parts of us, then it will be a net gain. Looking forward to future posts…


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