President Obama Hits A Homerun…Now What?

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President Obama just gave a wonderful speech.  It had beautiful rhetorical flourishes and strong, forceful passages.  Many STR regulars know that I have been critical of Mr. Obama and have championed the need for a strong public option.  While Mr. Obama did not go as far as I would have hoped in calling for a public option, he did make a strong case for liberalism during an especially moving part of the speech where he spoke about recently deceased senator Edward Kennedy.

There are still many parts of the healthcare plan that need to be fully explained.  However, he did call for an end to pre-existing conditions, mandatory health screenings paid for by health insurers, and a co-op/public option that would compete with the health insurance providers.  Overall, I don’t believe that many Republicans will be moved by this speech, despite the fact that extended yet another olive branch to them.

Overall, this plan still has to make its way through Congress.  Yet, President Obama’s strong call to action and poignant anecdotal examples are sure to move most of the American public.  Mr. Obama also vowed to expose anyone that is lying about healthcare reform and attempting to scare the public into accepting the status quo.  Although I am troubled by his call for an individual mandate, he is right about the need for reform.  There is no reason that real reform cannot pass here and now.  Here’s hoping that Congressional Democrats follow the President’s strong lead (finally) and get a comprehensive bill passed.

On a side note, it is about time Mr. Obama exposed Sarah Palin’s, and others’, disingenuous and idiotic lies about death panels.  As for Congressman Wilson (R) from South Carolina, a man who had the audacity to call the President of the United States a liar while he was speaking, I hope that the scorn and ridicule that will be heaped upon his head like hot coals shames him into an early retirement.

Go here for the full speech and video.

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  1. I admit that I am NOT as informed as I should be, but in 1 aspect, I will support Obama 100% in that he called for an end to pre-existing conditions. I was once directly affected by this, and I am glad that he’s “addressing” this issue….at least.

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