Personal Debt Free Living Can Be Achieved In 7 Steps

Sep 25, 09 Personal Debt Free Living Can Be Achieved In 7 Steps
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by Mark Walters

Personal debt is now at the highest level that it has been in history.  Financial problems are the leading cause of a number of personal problems, such as depression and divorce.  Think how much better you would feel should you be able to realize the dream of debt free living.

I’m deep in the middle of the mid-life years and for many of my previous years I knew nothing besides living in constant debt.  The burden that it put on my emotions, psychological well being, and relationships was immense and I can never go back and re-live those years.  I would like you to forego that same pain.  Therefore, I am laying out the seven steps (I won’t say they are easy) to debt free living.

1. Realize you need to change.  Keeping the same bad habits is going to keep producing the same painful results. 2. What’s your current position? Spend some time noting down all your current debts, all your current assets (house, car, etc), and how much money you have coming and going out every month. 3. How would you like your life to be? Be introspective and ask yourself some serious questions.  Don’t spend time on little items but really ask yourself – What are my core values?  What do I really want to get out of life?  Whatever you answers are, keep focused on them and make every decision based upon those goals. 4. What options do you have? Everyday you’re faced with decisions that affect both additional income and how your money is spent.  Do a serious evaluation in order to determine the best way to eliminate debts. 5. Decide on your options. Evaluate the answers from step 4 and make the hard decisions that need to be made.  Second job?  Starting an online business?  Turning off cable TV?  Using your cell phone less?  These are the hard decisions that you need to make. 6. Make a plan of action. Now that you’ve chosen your options put a plan down on paper.  Then you’ll have something to refer to when making the daily decisions that are necessary to meet your long-term goals. 7. Stay focused. Measure your progress and find ways to reward yourself for small successes along the way.  Make adjustments if you find any faults in your plan.  You’ll soon have financial freedom that many can only imagine. Find Out More: ( Debt Free Lifestyle

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  1. I cannot comprehend that you recently wrote regarding this issue. Not too many guys realize the significance of those sorts of things

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