Recently Laid Off? Write A Recession Effective Resume

Jan 23, 09 Recently Laid Off? Write A Recession Effective Resume
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If you’ve been laid off recently, or maybe still employed with a company that is looking to cut costs, protect yourself by creating a resume that will stand out amongst others in your position. Imagine: It was reported on 1/22/09 that Microsoft cut 5,000 jobs. That’s 5,000 more people in an already crowded pool of the “unemployed” looking for work. What will separate you from the pack? Your recession effective resume definitely will.

I know what it takes to land an interview with a potential employer. Always remember that the hiring manager scans your resume for a maximum of 15 seconds. This piece of paper is your first impression. Better make it good! From entry-level to management, here are a few tips for creating a recession effective resume:

  1. Action, Action, Action Words. Depending on your industry, some companies electronically scan resumes for key action words like managed, implemented, created, or assisted. It’s important not to have a resume inundated with boring responsibilities. While they’re important, the crux of your resume should focus on what you accomplished, not simply what you did.

  2. Minimize White Space. White space, to hiring managers, translates into “least experienced.” In this case, less is not more. Take the time to sit down and write out what you do. When you accomplish this, you will realize that you can fill in all that dreadful white space, not to mention, it’s an eyesore.

  3. Appropriate Resume Length. A recent graduate should not have a 2-page resume; these are reserved for people who have 10 years or more experience. This rule is important because hiring managers really don’t want to take the time to sift through more paper than needed. They’re going through 5,000 other recently laid off resumes as well!

  4. Personalized Objective. Every employer right now knows that the applicant pool is growing due to the recession. Include an objective that speaks directly to the employer, i.e. Seeking the Vice President of Operations position where over 25 years of successful corporate experience will add to the success of Google. This addition will set you apart as a candidate who truly wants to work for that company and not just someone looking for another job.

These tips will surely transform your current resume into a recession effective resume. If you need additional services regarding resume writing skills, feel free to visit Voila! Resume for rates and writing services. As this is a recession, the rates are conducive to the economic state. Good luck!

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  1. Great tips, do you have any examples of winning resumes? It’s easier to get an idea on how to construct one when you have some samples to refer to.


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