Jobs Outlook Dismal Well Into The Near Future

Jul 20, 10 Jobs Outlook Dismal Well Into The Near Future
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According to a damning and sobering new report by the Center For Economic and Policy Research, the prospects for an immediate recovery of the 8 million jobs shed during the 2000s are dim.  Unfortunately, our politicians and policymakers do not get it.

Calling for more austerity measures, the Republicans have demonstrated that they are either uninformed or unconcerned about the dire state of our economy.  If they regain power, they would drive America over a fiscal cliff.

However, the Democrats have been either too inept or too unconcerned to make a compelling case for a true jobs bill to the American people.

Either way, as this study demonstrates, unless our politicians are willing to confront the harsh truth and find innovative ways to get Americans working again, our current misery will be long and persistent.

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