iPhone Apps Coming To A Screen Near You

Sep 20, 09 iPhone Apps Coming To A Screen Near You
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Web 2.0 applications have begun to change the way people use the Internet.  Coupled with the revolutionary manner in which cell phone applications are making mobile devices more useful, even cable and satellite service providers are looking for ways to utilize this new technology.

With the availability of open source codes, independent programmers have the ability to write and create new applications all the time.  Now the major cable and satellite television providers want to bring many of these apps directly to your television set.

It is a classic case of innovation.  People want interactive mobile devices.  Apparently, they want interactive television as well.

Facebook, Twitter, other interactive features are already available through some satellite television providers.  However, these companies hope to nurture the type of open source application development that has made the iPhone so popular.

Some technological impediments are hindering the widespread use of these apps for television.  Besides outmoded remote controls that limit your ability to input text, the satellite and cable boxes are also ill equipped to handle many of the more complicated applications.

Addressing these hardware issues will be essential if these new applications are going to become as ubiquitous at the iPhone apps.

Many people welcome the idea of increased interactivity in their homes.  The usefulness of the new mobile phone apps has already been demonstrated.  Now, people want to access all of these features from their televisions.

Cable and satellite television providers have recognized this demand and are attempting to adapt their business models.  Consumers have spoken and oddly enough, businesses are responding.

I am not sure how beneficial this increased interactivity will be, but it does demonstrate that innovation and invention are alive and well.

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  1. This will definitely going to be very beneficial in Near future.

  2. I think I agree. But for every person that effectively utilizes this new technology, there are twenty more that use it waste time. We get so dependent on the new technology so fast…


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