Internet Marketing: Six Precautions For The Beginner

Jul 13, 10 Internet Marketing: Six Precautions For The Beginner
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by Barbara VanKline

If you are just starting out in the world of Internet marketing you must remain alert and focused at all times.  Listed are ten unspoken rules you should review and use to your benefit.

1.) The first advantage of having a home based business is that you can set your own hours.  You are able to work when you want for as long as you want.  When you are able to get your business fine-tuned, you can utilize software that will set your business on autopilot.  This
will afford you that coveted time to spend with your family and enjoy various leisure activities as well.  However, there is no such thing as a “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme.  It takes time, dedication, and commitment to begin building an online business.  If you build your business correctly, you will be rewarded with residual income that can last for years.  Creating a firm foundation is the key to a successful business whether it’s online or offline.

2.) While it is important to have your mindset focused on a full-time, successful online business, it is useful, especially early in your Internet career, as part of the learning curve, to try out a few programs in your spare time.  Get the feel of the Internet marketing arena and at the same time learn a little about HTML, scripts, creating attractive images while working towards building your first website.  This can all be achieved as a ‘spare time’ activity.

3.) NEVER…get involved in ‘get paid to read email’ sites–they are scams and you won’t earn a penny.  They won’t even answer your emails of complaint!  MLM too, or in fact any website telling you that your money will be doubled or tripled in a matter of days, or you will become rich overnight, are scams.  Avoid them!  It’s not difficult to find bona fide marketers on the Internet.  Look for offline contact points.  An address or telephone number is a good sign they are genuine.  Another good test is to send them an email before you sign up to see how efficiently they reply.  Avoid the ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ schemes–they don’t work!

4.) If I had a “guarded secret” of how to make thousands of dollars per day on the Internet, would I tell you?  The answer is a resounding no.  The Internet does not have secrets.  However, it does have information that you can glean with a little due diligence.  So when you see the advertisements about “earning $75K monthly on auto-pilot”, please don’t click any further.  You and I both know when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Stay safe on the Internet and avoid the ridiculous hype.

5.) Think positive and stay focused at all times.  If you were to take a close look at all the successful Internet marketers who have made a great deal of money from their endeavors, you would find they have one thing in common!  Dedication!  They are prepared to work long and hard to achieve their goals.  They do not lose heart just because they encounter some failures and the ‘quick buck’ rarely influences them.

6.) Stick to the basic etiquette of Internet Marketing.  Don’t be tempted to send out high volume unsolicited email (spam).  It won’t be worth the hassle, believe me!  Read the Terms and Conditions section when you join a program and if you decide to sign up, then adhere to those terms.  You will make useful contacts during your Internet campaigns.  Try not to antagonize people and remain courteous and helpful.

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