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May 07, 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes – Business Homicide
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by Neo Kim

Many people start on their road to earning money online because they came across a website that promises to show them the path to riches and help them earn thousands of dollars in little time.  But a lot of people just get it wrong.  Instead of taking action, they look and look for that one thing that will be a winner.  They get too caught-up in the dream and get lost in the sea of information.  It’s certainly possible to make a great deal of money online if that’s what you want, but you won’t do it fast.  Every online marketer would be rich like Bill Gates if it was that easy and quick.  The unpopular fact is that dedication and real work is necessary to be successful online.  So, today we’ll be talking more about common marketing mistakes often seen with new online marketers and how you can avoid making them.

Online, technology can be used to create new businesses like magic.  The biggest reason why Internet marketing has become so popular is because of its portrayal.  Part of it has to do with IM Gurus pushing their courses – make thousands in a few days while only in your shorts, or something similar.  Well, that may be possible, but it’s a little misleading because it’s not as easy as it may appear.  There are powerful dynamics at play.  That’s why you need to pay attention to internet marketing and establish a strong foundation.

A frequent problem that many new internet marketers have is that they are simply too greedy.  Expecting to make thousands of dollars right away without much effort is a recipe for disaster.  It is simply not true that you can easily make money fast online with no work.  There’s nothing called “Getting Rich Quick Formula” that will actually provide you with instant profits.  You need to work, and work real hard in order to make money, even if it’s online.  Many people do make lots of money online, but not by being greedy or unrealistic; they have paid their dues and learned the business.  Don’t fall for hyped up ads that promise you fast wealth; people who continually buy into these type of schemes usually end up quitting in frustration when they find out that none of them work as promised.  If you keep buying new courses, you will only be throwing away your money; every real internet marketing strategy takes time and effort before it brings results.

Another mistake that newbies make when they enter Internet marketing is that they join too many email lists and try to listen and follow every expert’s advice.  When this happens, the result is often a feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing who to trust or what method is best.  Slowly their inbox overflows with information on various online marketing sub-topics that explain strategies, methods, tactics, etc.  Having too many ideas is as bad as having none at all; you become unable to act.  The best thing to do in this case is to cut back on the number of lists you’re on, stay on the few that you think are most helpful, and unsubscribe from the others.  What you want to focus on is action, not information.  The more action you take, the more confident you’ll become.  You will fail at times, but if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed.

Anyone who is willing to make a real effort can succeed at internet marketing.  Just keep the above mistakes in your mind and avoid making them.  Pay attention to what you’re doing and it will be easy to avoid them.

If you are new to the idea of Internet Marketing, we suggest an online class like course broken down into day by day chapter training. We are all members of Wealthy Affiliate University, and their methods are by far the most effective and least overwhelming.

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