Intel Is In Big Trouble With The Feds

Dec 16, 09 Intel Is In Big Trouble With The Feds
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The Federal Trade Commission has accused Intel of using its superior market position to “stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly”.  In a series of damaging statements, various people from the FTC have stated that Intel has been so anti-competitive that it has actually hindered creativity and advancement in the marketplace.

Despite a recent settlement with the main competitor, AMD, the government has decided to bring this case against Intel utilizing new powers that allow the FTC to prevent anticompetitive practices outside of the purview of traditional anti-trust laws.

The federal government is not only going after Intel for anticompetitive practices in the microprocessor field, but they are also under fire for hindering competition in the growing field of graphics processors.  The case is firm against Intel, as their history of strong-arm tactics is well documented.  According to official court filings, the FTC even believes that Intel redesigned critical software components that harmed the performance of the competitors’ chips.

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