Five Hot Jobs

Sep 15, 09 Five Hot Jobs
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The job market has been in a steady decline for many months and economists predict that most of those jobs are gone permanently.  However, economists and business forecasters recognize that other markets are expanding exponentially and will provide growth opportunities for people just entering the job market and those looking to shift careers.  There are a number of jobs, across a wide variety of fields, which will proliferate in the coming years.  These are just a few.

Postsecondary Teacher

Postsecondary teachers educate students that have graduated high school or an equivalent.  Postsecondary teachers teach college, graduate school, and a variety of technical and vocational schools.  Analysts estimate that community colleges and technical institutes will provide the majority of new openings as more students defer enrollment in four-year institutions.

School Counselor

School counselors provide academic and career counseling for students.  Counselors work with children from the elementary to the university level.  While the job growth rate for counselors is expected to keep pace with the average for all jobs, as more counselors retire and the emphasis on the overall mental health of students becomes more important, there will be a growing need for counselors.  The average income for counselors was approximately $54,000.

Financial Analyst

If the current recession has demonstrated anything, it has shown us the importance of sound financial planning.  Financial analysts work with businesses in order to develop investment goals.  Job forecasters predict that there will be a large demand for financial analysts through the near future.  As more individuals and businesses utilize the stock market, they will need the help of these trained professionals in order to make smart and profitable investment decisions.  The average financial analyst earns approximately $85,000.

Systems Administrator

Systems administrators configure and oversee various computer systems.  As society becomes more automated, and we rely more on complicated computer networks to conduct our business and commercial affairs, systems administrators will become more necessary.  Since this job allows for a high degree of specialization, those who choose to specialize can double their earning potential.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse provides direct and primary health care, as well as providing general assistance to doctors.  According to most analysts, this job will experience the highest growth in the near future.  As baby boomers begin to retire, and greater emphasis is placed on primary care, the demand for registered nurses will soar.  The average income for a registered nurse is $62,000.

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