With A Little Help From My Friends

Jan 01, 11 With A Little Help From My Friends
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For many of us, 2010 has been a year filled with myriad vicissitudes, both professionally and personally.  For me, the lows were at times so pervasive that I could hardly breathe.  Many people ostensibly subscribe to the notion that adversity builds strength of character.  In reality, the idea that there is nobility in pain and suffering is oft overstated and overly simple.  Still, I admire people who maintain a haughty dignity in the face of adversity.  I fancied myself one those people.  Then life threw me another series of humbling curveballs that taught me the true value of friendship.

It took me a while to gain my sea legs.  I entered 2010 in a haze of uncertainty and anxiousness.  Being a supremely cynical individual requires that you create a certain distance between the impending doom that incessantly threatens to overwhelm the fragile barricade that you have erected for yourself.  Maintaining your cynicism about the world around you while cultivating healthy personal relationships is hard, despite your commitment that “never the twain shall meet”.

However, when people genuinely open their arms to you, when you need their help the most and are too consumed by a toxic mix of shame and pride to ask for help, and receive it anyway, even the most emotionally closed among us will eventually stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.  To find such undeserved kindness, kindness without pretense or agenda, is like turning air into gold.  Everyday we commit so many acts of graciousness, compassion, and empathy that your seemingly small gesture may seem insignificant.  It’s not.

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me to do better, disabused me from some silly notion, opened their arms to me, opened their homes to me, opened their hearts to me, bought me a drink, bought me a meal, bought me a cupcake, allowed me to buy them a drink, allowed me to buy them a meal, allowed me to buy them a cupcake, vented to me, allowed me to vent, let me be stupid, silly, vulnerable, ridiculous, provided me with an adventure, gave me a sense of normalcy, nurtured me, kicked my ass, forced me out of my comfort zone, let me wallow in complacency, told me things would get better, let me know things couldn’t get much worse, loved me, and let me love them…

Simply, Thank You.

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