Fight Club Now Has Corporate Sponsorship…

Apr 12, 09 Fight Club Now Has Corporate Sponsorship…
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As of April 19, 2009, I will become another statistic of the rapidly devolving recession.  Needless to say, the dismissal of my entire department was done in the most crass, undiplomatic, and unceremonious way possible.

Of course, you cannot expect much from large companies and corporations; especially corporations that place a dulling emphasis on “brand values” and a creepy emphasis on the corporate “family”.

That being said, I will genuinely miss my immediate co-workers because I have developed lasting personal relationships with many of them.  Yet, I cannot deny that because of what I have gained from this site, I approach this new chapter in my life with much more optimism than can be reasonably expected.

I have rediscovered quite a few things in the past few months.  For instance, when confronted with seemingly overwhelming problems and an inability to understand the causes or solutions, most people will retreat into the comfort of the familiar.

That’s okay with me.  Numbers can be numbing; trying to find a way forward can be too formidable.  Thus, we are trained to rely on others’ explanations and proposed solutions.  I was guilty as well.

In all my ramblings about politics, theory, and philosophy, I ignored the business pages of the newspapers and websites I frequented.  In essence, I never followed the wormhole from Washington to its logical endpoint: Wall Street.

I co-founded Surviving The Recession in order to play catch up.  For many of us, understanding the hows and whys of this recession is comparable to discovering a 4th dimension.  The world of high finance, where trillions of dollars were at stake, was barely visible, almost within reach, but infinitely out of our grasp.

Now that the thin gravitational field that was holding it together is gone, the other world has crashed around us, disrupting or destroying our lives.  Unfortunately, before everything crashed, the financial sector was able to siphon off enough of our resources that we no longer have the resources or energy to rebuild.  The new landscape looks treacherous.

When confronted with unforeseen changes in an environment, a species has to leave, adapt, or die.  Two of those options are untenable.  Thus, most of us will adapt to this new enviroment.

Presently, I am really excited about taking my new legs for a spin.  I am taking the lay of the land and adjusting my plans accordingly.  I cannot wait to look the recession in its eyes, square off, shoot the fair one, and emerge victorious.  I am Jack’s smirking revenge…

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