Feeling Down About The Economy? Pick Yourself Up!

Jan 15, 09 Feeling Down About The Economy?  Pick Yourself Up!
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The economic news is enough to drive any sane person crazy.  Between deteriorating personal finances, a dismal financial outlook, feckless politicians, and equivocating economists, there are plenty reasons to let fear, worry, and anger creep into our minds.  Staying abreast of the financial news is not conducive to calm and stable states of being.  I’ll watch some hapless pundit try to make sense of this financial crisis and notice the deep nail prints in the palm of my hands.  Following the twists and turns of the proposed stimulus plan has been especially stressful.  In America, to say that we neglect our physical and emotional health, is an understatement.  However, considering the year we went through, and what we can expect for 2009, we must learn to control and reduce our stress levels and better manage our physical health.

You have many responsibilities.  Naturally, concerns and considerations stem from these responsibilities.  You have to make ends meet.  You have to balance your budget.  You are worried about losing you job and the ensuing consequences.  This constant pressure causes stress.  Of course, certain levels of stress heighten our senses and help us perform better.  However, too much stress can cause a host of physical and mental problems.  The signs of stress include headaches, tension in the body, increased anger, feelings of loneliness, among many others.  Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to alleviate these feelings of stress before they overwhelm you.

Eat Healthy and Exercise

Get A Permanent Return On Investment

Get A Permanent Return On Investment

Eating healthier and getting more exercise are two of the simplest ways to not only reduce stress, but also make changes that will benefit you over the course of your life.  Knowing where to start can be intimidating, but from a cursory online search I found two extremely helpful sites. Eating Well provides you with not only tasty, healthy recipes for any budget, but they also provide you with diet plans as well.  Mama’s Health teaches you how to build a home gym compatible with any budget.  In addition, they provide video instructionals for a variety of exercises.  Since many of us are saving more, learning how to do body weight exercises within your home can help you feel better, look great, and save money.  While it is well documented that exercise relieves stress, it is now common knowledge that exercise also releases chemicals that induce euphoria.  Getting in shape is a great way to turn the negative feelings engendered by our current predicament into something positive, life-affirming, and transformational.

2organized52106Get Organized

Feelings of disarray and unsteadiness can quickly elevate stress levels.  Frequently, many of us do not know if we are coming or going.  For too long, disorganization was the guiding principle of my life.  Even now, I am on the wagon, fighting daily to maintain some semblance of order.  Getting organized and learning to prioritize tasks greatly reduced my stress levels.  Learning these important skills will save you time and wasted effort.  Write down your goals, but always give yourself some flexibility.  The simple task of checking items off a to-do list is reassuring and helpful.  It helps you feel as if you are still in control of your life.  Performing a thorough examination of your life will provide you with an opportunity to reassess and resume control.  Identify those areas in your life that need some tidying up and get organized.

Learn To Relax2284977041_5aee79eef2

For many of us, relaxation entails coming home from work and passing out in front of the television.  Quite simply. we do not know how to relax.  One meaning of relax is “to release oneself from inhibition, worry, and tension.”  It is important to take time and center ourselves.  The Mayo Clinic outlines techniques such as yoga, tai chi, and music therapy that can be truly beneficial and help you find temporary reprieve from the cares and concerns of this world.

It is important that we do not compound the problems that we are experiencing from the recession with the problems that result from elevated stress.  We definitely have plenty to be stressed and angry about.  However, none of it is worth putting our physical and emotional health at risk.  This is an excellent time to rechannel negative emotions into positive activities that will continue to improve our lives long after this recession has ended.

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  1. I’m so worried about the way our children are headed in nowadays. Watching Jamie Olivers food revolution on tv the other day scared the thingies out of me. I suggest we all start cooking some healthy recipe like these at home if we’re going to fix this horrible situation. The ones on that site seem pretty easy, I tried last night and it’s the first time my family has eaten well in ages, I just feel great.

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