Economy Continues To Limp Along

Oct 25, 10 Economy Continues To Limp Along
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Economists continue to lower their expectations for a vigorous, sustained recovery.  The economy cannot produce enough momentum to bolster the tepid good news from a few indicators.  Business production is on the rise and a few of the Leading Economic Indicators were positive.  However, these gains were offset by rising labor and parts costs that companies are finding hard to pass on to the consumer.  Consumer confidence is low, the housing market is enmeshed in the foreclosure mess, and the core industrial sector remains soft.  These, among other factors, have led to many economists predicting 2% growth in the fourth quarter.  This is especially bad news considering that the fourth quarter is a time of major consumer spending and ramped up productivity.  If the fourth quarter is weak, many companies will have a tough time in 2011.

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