Cowards In Congress

Dec 21, 09 Cowards In Congress
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Well, we at STR have not been as active as of late.  Holidays, family obligations, and exciting new ventures have kept us running around like headless chickens.

However, I have still been diligently following this sham of a healthcare debate, or should I say debacle.  I told yall so.  President Obama and his merry band of conciliatory cowards have managed to take a historic mandate and deal it away for beginnings of a bullshit legacy.

What upsets me more than their weakness on this most important of issues, a bill pertaining to essential life and death issues, is the fact that this bill will harm the American economy and harms the American people.  Here is a comprehensive list of the reasons why this is a terrible bill.

Now, Mr. Obama has said that this bill is a victory for the American people.  Others are promising to revisit this issue again soon.  It will never happen.  The bill does not take effect until 2014.  Democrats and Republicans are going to spin this until the 2012 elections, while the Obama administration is trying to prevent a wholesale revolt among progressives.  I have never subscribed to the “just pass anything” approach.  The liberal wing of the Democratic Party always compromises and never gets anything in return.

Once the Republicans start winning seats in 2010 how are they are not deal with healthcare again.  With a 60-seat majority in the Senate, this is best we could get.  Once Republicans have the ability to filibuster, it will never happen.

Ultimately, this debate shows who I said President Obama was all along.  He went out and told the people what they wanted to hear.  In the end, he allowed the Senate to construct an inferior bill and deal away the farm in order to get it passed.  He will take this turd, shine it up, and call it “historic healthcare reform.”

I saw an interview where Mr. Obama said he did not mind being a one-term president if it meant that he could affect real change for the American people.  That was a lie.  Senate Democrats has boxed themselves into needing 60 votes because of an inability to enforce party unity.  It’s an embarrassing travesty that will cause many younger Americans to lose faith in the political process.  I know I have.  This portends ominous things for the battles to come.

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