Buying Cars: Tips For Buying A New Car

Mar 12, 10 Buying Cars: Tips For Buying A New Car
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by John Knight

Dreaming of having a new car?  Do you want to ensure that you are getting the best investment as possible?  Before rushing to car dealerships, you might want to consider these tips for buying a new car.

Try to determine the size you or your family needs.  Conduct your own research to protect yourself from the sweet tongues of these dealers.  With your research, you can ask the agents about the cars that they did not advertise.  That is the beauty of the Internet, information is readily available if you are careful about what is true and what is not.

In deciding on the car you will purchase, you may also want to consider its mileage and the fuel it will be using.  The car may seem to fit your budget, but if it is a gas-guzzler, it will cost you more every week after purchasing.  So, in deciding what to buy, think about energy efficiency.

Know the Right Time To Buy.  Do not rush things.  There is always the right time for everything and that includes buying car.  Do not let your emotions and excitement keep you from getting the right deal.

Car experts say that the best time to buy cars is during the weekdays when there are few customers.  Another good time would be during the months wherein most car companies reveal their new car models.  During these times, dealers are more anxious about closing the deal because there are less people shopping for new cars.  You may also want to visit them during end of the month.  As they are trying to meet their monthly quota, they would surely offer you favorable deals.

When you are negotiating, try to unveil the invoice price.  The invoice price is the amount paid by the dealer to the manufacturer.  Remember, the dealers are trying to make money.  Having your homework done, you will know the actual price of these cars and you want to get as close to that price as possible.  You may point it out to the dealers and you will have a better chance of lowering the retail price.

Fifth, always try to look cool but at the same time, let them know that you are serious.  Do not let them have the impression that you are desperate.  Be firm to whatever decision you make.  Do not let the agents make you say yes to something that you are not comfortable with.

Lastly, you may want to shop for extras.  The car dealers usually have a lot of bonuses for you to buy their cars.  These may include free 1 year car insurance or free car registration, some pillows, or some seat covers.  Evaluate first, and then compute.  Be sure that you are really getting bonuses, and not just some offer that might cloud your decisions.  They may look attractive, but then again, decide carefully.

Having your new car should be a dream come true and not a potential nightmare.  Remember, doing your homework, having a clear mind, and utilizing these useful tips in buying a new car can get you the real deal.

Owning your own car is the height of fun and freedom.  So it is essential to know tips for buying a car. Or you can try how to buy a car with bad credit.

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