Where Can I Buy Gold Coins?

Nov 03, 09 Where Can I Buy Gold Coins?
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As gold increases in value, many people have asked, “Where can I buy gold coins?”  Gold coins are a great investment for the perceptive investor.  Those who deal in collectable gold coins can make a good deal of money if they are familiar with their trade.

Finding a qualified and reputable gold coin buyer is probably one of the most important things a budding gold collector can do.  If you want to take advantage of a market that actually does better during a recession, consider buying and selling collectable gold coins.

One of the most important things you must know is how the value of gold coins is determined.  These values are determined by four criteria, which are rarity, grade, quality, and popularity.  Those who want to invest in gold coins also use price as a criteria.  For serious investors, rare coins are a better investment than gold bullion.  There are a few steps you should take when you are ready to buy gold coins.  The most important thing that you can do is to decide why you are in the gold coins market.

People begin purchasing gold coins for a variety of reasons.  There are those who want to protect themselves from financial disasters such as a falling dollar.  Others are simply in the market to turn a profit, while some people are looking for a combination of the two.  Once you have decided why you are in the market, deciding what to buy becomes relatively easy.

There are many places where you can buy gold coins.  An online search will lead you to many reputable gold coin and gold bullion dealers.  Standard wisdom states that if your main goal is to buy gold in order to sell it at a higher price, then you should buy bullion.  If not, gold coins are your best option.  Locate a good dealer or buy directly from the mint.  Make sure that whatever gold you are interested in has the amount of gold that dealer says it does.  If you have ever asked yourself, “Where can I buy gold coins,” then now is the time to find a gold coin buyer and seller and start investing in a sounder financial future.

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  1. gold has been on fire lately. im hopeing to see gold at 2000 dollars in the next year

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