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Mar 21, 09 Voices In The Wilderness
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At this point, I try to dig deeper when I come across information being disseminated from the echo chambers of the right and the left.  Thus, the idea that I can create or become a part of an echo chamber seems unlikely, unseemly even.  But railing at the top of my lungs or with the tips of my fingers can sometimes seem like a lonely endeavor.  Which makes running across an article written by well-established reporters that embody my sentiments quite fulfilling.

This week, I read one article and one story that were truly magnificent.  “The Problem With Flogging A.I.G”, written by New York Timeswriter Joe Nocera, encapsulates why the populist uprising being fed by an impotent, hypocritical Congress is a dangerous waste of precious time.  “The Big Takeover”, written by Matt Taibbi, does an incredible job of dissecting the roots of the economic meltdown and exposes the individuals most directly responsible.

I highly recommend both of these pieces to anyone trying to get a grasp on the financial meltdown, as well as understanding why burning a few executives at the stake will not stave off the immediate problems that confront us.

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  1. Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from… 🙂

  2. Not sure what you mean. Where did we get all what information from? It was a personal post referencing different articles read.

  3. Trying to get a backlink huh? Lol…

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