Create A Home Office

Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet In troubled economic times, where people are losing their jobs, many have chosen...

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A Good Way To Find Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Oct 06, 09 A Good Way To Find Cheap Auto Insurance Rates

Posted by in Family Matters, Saving

Tweet Insurance is a necessary, albeit expensive fact of life.  Insurance protects our health, homes, and cars.  However, not all insurance is created equal.  Therefore, having a service that would find and compile cheap auto insurance quotes would be invaluable. Having...

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Find Holiday Airfare Deals

Oct 05, 09 Find Holiday Airfare Deals

Posted by in Budgeting, Family Matters, Saving

Tweet While ticket prices are decreasing, we all know that the airfare of many airlines can be really expensive, especially during the holidays.  Learning to save money on your travel expenses is possible if you plan, save accordingly, and search thoroughly.  If you are...

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Public Universities Doing A Poor Job

Tweet Every society and civilization relies on the transference of information in order grow, expand, and innovate.  The acquisition, synthesis, and transmission of knowledge has helped many formerly third world countries begin competing with Western nations economically...

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Banks Fighting Federal Student Loan Overhauls

Tweet It should come as no surprise that banks are fighting the new student loan overhaul bill tooth and nail.  At issue is what President Obama, and others, describe as an unwarranted subsidy. The banks receive a substantial federal subsidy for providing loans to college...

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Overdraft Fees A Windfall For Banks

Tweet With the recession in full swing, many banks have tried to squeeze every cent from their patrons.  By allowing people to exceed their balances and then charge them a substantial overdraft fee for each transaction, banks have implemented a scheme that has harmed many...

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