Tips For Selling Your Home

Oct 12, 09 Tips For Selling Your Home
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How can you interest a buyer in your home?  You need to do something that makes an impression.  Getting your home ready to sell requires that you make some important preparations.  If your budget allows for it, your home needs to be inspected by a professional or you can do the necessary work of getting your house ready by yourself.

Whether your hire outside help or do it yourself, there are some steps that need to be taken.  The following steps will help you get your home ready to sell and make a good impression on any prospective buyers.

Beautify your exterior

Beautifying the exterior is an important way to make your home look pretty and impress your buyer.  Many people believe that first impressions make a big difference.  The exterior of your house is the first thing that prospective buyers have to judge the value and worth of your home.  A clean, fresh exterior will make your home appealing and attractive to buyers.  Here are a few things you can do to highlight positively the exterior:

1.)  Get the grass, trees, flowers, and plants tidy and fresh by mowing and watering them.

2.)  Clean up the curb and path to the door by performing simple clean up and landscaping.

3.)  Wash and clean all of the windows and doors.

5.)  Clean up the front of the house and remove and unseemly objects.

6.)  Paint the exterior if necessary.

Make the Interior Cozy

After buyers get a great first impression from your home’s exterior, it is important that you follow up and do the necessary work of making the interior attractive as well.  The goal is to make the buyer feel at home.  Here are few things you can do to make the interior homey and striking:

1.)  Wash and clean the floors; scrub it if there are some tough stains.  Steam clean the carpets.

2.)  Get rid of spider webs, dead insects, and other detritus from ceilings and floorboards.

3.)  Make sure furniture is neat, clean, and arranged nicely.

4.)  Clean out your closets.

5.)  Clean the garage, basement, and attic.

6.)  Clean and the open windows in order to freshen up the interior.

7.)  If you have pets, bathe them.

8.)  Make sure you have a pleasant scent throughout the home.  Use reed diffusers, potpourri, or a non-offensive air freshener.

Repairing and Replacing

Some repairs may be necessary.  Replace broken lights, air filters, and anything else that you needs to be replaced.  Make sure that you inspect:

1.)  Broken or missing doors,

2.)  Cabinet handles,

3.)  Ceilings,

4.)  Ventilation filters,

5.)  Broken tiles in the bathroom and kitchen,

6.)  Faucets,

7.)  Walls and wallpaper.

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