Is Now The Time To Buy Stock?

Oct 02, 09 Is Now The Time To Buy Stock?
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The Standard and Poorer 500 is expected to rise approximately 20% in the next two years.  According to Bank of America’s financial analysts, between 2010-2011 this increase will be led by large gains in financials, energy, technological, and consumer staples.  They also predict that corporate earnings will outdo the pace of the overall economic recovery.

Many Americans still view the stock market with trepidation.  However, there are those who believe that smartly playing the stock market will make up for many of the losses suffered during the recession.  Before you dive back into the stock market, there are few things to consider.  Emerging economies are still growing despite the economic downturn in the West.  Thus, their increasing rates of consumption will drive up the stock prices on a whole host of economies.

There will be many opportunities to make opportunities to make solid profits from smart plays.  Most stock analysts are encouraging potential investors to invest in something small, stable, and profitable such as mutual funds.  This website describes a variety of mutual funds that have solid returns.  While the economy is still volatile, those who make careful investments could possibly be well rewarded.

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