Olympia Snowe’s Vote Does Not Matter

Oct 14, 09 Olympia Snowe’s Vote Does Not Matter

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Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet I ask readers to forgive me in advance for this rant, but my anger has reached a boiling...

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Health Care Debate Heats Up Again

Tweet Mr. Obama is determined to address the nation’s health care crisis, despite the terrible economic conditions and an already ambitious agenda that is meeting resistance from politicians in his own party.  The statistics are dire:  45 million Americans have no...

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President Obama Asks The World To Trust Us

Mar 31, 09 President Obama Asks The World To Trust Us

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Tweet Mr. Obama has proposed a relatively bold and ambitious agenda.  Despite the fundamental challenges to our economy, Mr. Obama has submitted a budget that outlines a number of mildly progressive proposals that belie the current state of the economy. The president has...

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Why Tax Cuts Won’t Work

Tweet Here I go again.  I feel the need to explain why, besides the damage they have wrought to the stimulus plan, the Republican push for tax cuts is an ineffectual and misguided economic policy.  Besides a few economists that are friendly with the highly partisan...

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What’s In The Stimulus Plan

Tweet President Obama’s stimulus plan passed in the House of Representatives with no Republican votes.  Now the bill must pass the Senate before it goes to a Conference committee.  Once it leaves Conference Committee, the final version will be voted on by both the House...

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