Small Economic Gains Met With Cautious Optimism

Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet Mr. Obama’s economic advisors have been promoting the few small gains that the economy...

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Staycation? What Staycation?

Jun 25, 09 Staycation? What Staycation?

Posted by in Recession Opinions

Tweet First, let me apologize for my long absence from the site.  However, I believe that it was extremely worthwhile.  Taking a mini-tour of the country allowed me to gauge opinions on our current reaction from a wide variety of Americans. Everywhere I went, people...

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The Two Year Diet: How to Lose 400 Years of Oppression in Just 24 Months

Tweet So this speech isn’t exactly about the recession. But anything Obama related is tied to the Recession these days. Besides… I figured yall wanted to see ya boy in action. ...

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Daily Money Matters

Tweet It’s amazing.  The financial collapse of 2008 seemingly has dozens of nooks from which all types of shady individuals are emerging.  The culmination of greed, corruption, and endless amounts of “money” has created an unprecedented black hole.  Sometimes I am...

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