Economy Continues To Limp Along

Oct 25, 10 Economy Continues To Limp Along

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Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet Economists continue to lower their expectations for a vigorous, sustained recovery.  The...

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Obama Administration Increases Home Owner Relief Efforts

Mar 30, 10 Obama Administration Increases Home Owner Relief Efforts

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Tweet With 20% of American mortgages underwater, the Obama administration has been under a great deal of pressure to expand programs designed to assist homeowners in danger of foreclosure.  To that end, President Obama announced that an additional $14 billion in aid will...

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Understanding Loan Modification

Sep 14, 09 Understanding Loan Modification

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Tweet Modification is a process where the terms of a loan are adapted to new specifications that are outside of the original, agreed upon terms.  Terms that can be modified include interest rates, monthly payments, or the length of the loan. When the housing bubble burst,...

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Housing News Belies Reality

Aug 22, 09 Housing News Belies Reality

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Tweet News reports are awash with the “good news” about home sales.  While I do not want to be overly pessimistic, I am genuinely confused about the rush to declare the recession over.  I want the recession to end.  However, what has been done to address the...

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Should You Buy A Foreclosed Home?

Tweet The idea of owning a home is in many ways integral to the American Dream. The notion of property ownership conveys the idea that you have a stake in the future of the country. Those with a vested interest are more apt to do what is required to protect their...

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What If I Am Facing Foreclosure?

Jan 24, 09 What If I Am Facing Foreclosure?

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Tweet The housing numbers are frightening.  Not only are new home starts at historic lows, but economists are predicting an even higher number of foreclosures in 2009.  A foreclosure is a proceeding in which a lender or creditor seeks to repossess the collateral for a...

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