Are You Surviving The Recession?

Jan 23, 09 Are You Surviving The Recession?
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I am fascinated with philosophy. Throughout the history of thought, many philosophers have attempted to rectify the seeming disconnect between the mind and body. Some have argued that the mind and body will be forever engaged in a never-ending struggle for supremacy, while others argue that the mind and body are one.

Before the recession, I wrote about how the American spirit was in a state of accelerated degradation because of our unending quest to satiate our passions. However, observing our behavior since the recession truly began ravishing our lives, I have noticed a strength and resiliency that goes far beyond mere survival.

As we downsize our lives, our minds grow sharper and sentiments softer.  Surviving this recession has elevated us in a way that only collective tragedy can. This recession has touched so many of our lives that it has reconnected us, albeit tenuously, on the most basic level.

lavi_x_linali____sad_song___by_black_machineryWe all know how hard it has been. Some of us have a tougher time than others, but needless to say, it has not been easy for any of us. Yet, our response to this crisis has been a dignified resignation and a commitment to pull through together. There is much anger directed at those perceived to be the authors of this devastation. Amazingly, even that anger has been tempered by hope. Granted, most economists agree that we have not reached the depths of the economic malaise. If events continue to spiral out of control, our resolve will be severely tested. Nonetheless, I am becoming more optimistic that we will be able to weather the worst of the storm and emerge with our spirits, if not our bank accounts, mostly intact.

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