Surviving The Recession Together

Aug 25, 09 Surviving The Recession Together
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Surviving the recession is hard.  The statistics often obscure the human toll that massive job losses, bankruptcies, and loss of wealth has taken on very real people.  While many view these struggles as challenges to be overcome, too many succumb to the despair.

The pressure of trying to deal with financial stress, especially when ends are not meeting, can drive people toward destructive behavior.  Abusing alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other substances can immediately spiral out of control.

Drug use is one of the most common and dangerous behaviors one can engage in.  While they vary in design, strength, and potency, all drugs are highly addictive and pose significant risks to physical health.

In addition, drugs are an expensive, unnecessary financial drain that will make a bad monetary situation worse.  Because they are highly addictive, people will go to great lengths in order to support their habit.  Personal ruin and the deterioration of the family are the unfortunate byproducts of the never-ending quest for the next high.

If you are, or want to help a drug addict , there are those willing who can help.  During tough times, it is natural for people to seek escapes.  While many of these diversions are harmless recreations, those caught up in the spiral of drug addiction find themselves in a worse nightmare than the one they were trying to escape.

The website can provide you with information and services that will help you, or a loved one begin the journey back to sobriety.  Only by helping each other through these tough times, can we survive this recession together.

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