What Does Surviving The Recession Mean?

Mar 13, 09 What Does Surviving The Recession Mean?
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overcoming_obstacleWhen I visit STR, which is everyday, I am more than pleased at the progress the site is making, the new connections being forged, the insights that I am gaining, and the new skills I have learned.  Amazingly, the growth of the site is almost diametrical to the current state of the economy.  I have immersed myself in economic news, arcane economic theories, and economic horror stories in an attempt to get a grasp on the vast nature of the problems that threaten our very way of life.  The numbers are harrowing: 8.1% unemployment, black unemployment at nearly 14%, trillions of dollars of wealth obliterated. 

The triumphs are bite-sized distractions of fleeting satisfaction.  I loved watching Jon Stewart taking CNBC’s Jim Cramer to the woodshed.  Seeing Bernie Madoff led away in handcuffs brought a moment of smug recompense.  However, it is far too easy to get overwhelmed with anger and frustration.  We are on-board a rudderless ship, with no compass, a shoddy crew, and bickering, scared shipmates.  We are arguing about how to divvy up our meager supplies before the ship inevitably sinks.

During these moments of near despair, I remember our original purpose in founding Surviving The Recession.  We are seeking to build a community of individuals dedicated to going farther than circumstances dictate.  The funny, heart-warming, inspirational, and cautionary tales that I have read here, and elsewhere are a tether.  Of course, the challenges are unprecedented and daunting.  If they were not, there would be no opportunity for overcoming and greatness.  Rather than succumb to the doomsday scenarios, let us mold a brave new world based on a shared commitment to communal abundance.  Survival does not have to mean subsist.

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  1. Yichelle NeedNot /

    Good look, E. I’m feeling the crunch today, and I’m feeling like I want to do something especially brave. Thanks for a bit of refocus.

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