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Surviving The Recession (STR) was created to be a primary source of news, views, analysis, and help for anyone and everyone during these tough economic times. Like many of you, in 2007, the STR Team saw the dark clouds on the horizon. Changes on the economic landscape were happening at a rapid pace; and bleak economic news was pouring in daily. Initially, we were discouraged. We repeated and reaffirmed the familiar platitudes about “hustling and surviving”. We had been through worst things in our lives; and this recession would be just another storm to weather.

However, a few weeks before the bubble burst during the month of October 2008, we woke up. It was no longer enough to merely survive. Scraping by was not an option. Having a few quarters to rub together after two weeks of work was unacceptable. For many of us, life is something that happens between work. To make matters worse, they barely pay you enough to enjoy those small stretches of living. We decided that there was a better way and no matter what, we would find it.

It is counter intuitive to believe that you can achieve more success when every indicator around you reinforces the notion that survival is all that you can hope for. We do not believe that. We are living proof that walking off the beaten path can work. That is why the subtitle for this site is “Recession Survival Tips For Financial Success”. The same skills that will help you “survive” the recession are the same ones that will make you successful despite the recession.

The STR Team knows that if you make this page your daily source for anything involving the recession, at a minimum, you will be more versed in all the issues surrounding the economic crisis. Some of you will learn tips that will make you better financial planners and more responsible money managers. But, there will be a few of you that will see the silver lining in the clouds.  You will come to understand, as we did, that you are the ultimate arbiters of your own fate. If we are willing to look at the world anew, prosperity in the midst of a storm is guaranteed.

The STR Team wants to meet all of your needs. Being the “go-to” source for the recession news, views, analysis, and tips is a large task. Yet, we are committed to making this an inspiring and informative site. This is our way of reaching back and pulling others forward. We want feedback, stories, ideas, anything that will make this site stronger and more helpful. The Blog page provides the bulk of the news, tips, and opinions on the recession. The Resources page provides you with a few of the tools that have inspired us and put us on the road to financial freedom. Please, sign-up by scrolling to the Meta section towards the bottom of the column on the right. By signing up, you will be able to comment on any of our blog posts and join in discussions related to our current economic conditions.

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