Solar Power Viable Green Energy Source

Oct 08, 09 Solar Power Viable Green Energy Source
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The world is facing many environmental problems such as pollution and global warming.  Despite these concerns, people should not despair.  There is always an innovative way to address these problems.

Addressing fundamental threats to our way of life requires us to consider all possible a wide range of possible solutions.  Unfortunately, many people fail to think outside of the box.

Researchers and scientists discovered solar power many years ago.  However, because technological knowledge was lacking, the idea was not pursued.  Solar power was instead used for powering small electrical devices.

Now, with technological advancements, people are hoping that solar power will soon become widely accessible to the public.  In the US, solar power is used in the different states but not on a large scale.  Huge solar panels are quite expensive and average Americans cannot afford to pay for them.

Fortunately, you can now find solar power kits that are less costly.  They usually range in price from $200 to $500.

Whether or not you consider using solar power, here are some interesting facts that you should know:

1.  Albert Einstein received a Nobel Prize in 1921 for his experiments on photovoltaic and solar power.

2.  Silicon from a ton of sand can be used in photovoltaic panels to generate the same amount of electricity that 500,000 T of burning coals can produce.

3.  10,000 US households are now using solar energy to power their homes.

4.  John Herschel (British Astronomer) was able to cook food by using solar power 200 years ago during his African journey.

5.  In 1982, the first large scale power plants was opened in California.

6.  If you can use solar power in your home’s heating system, you can slash the electric bill by 50%.

7.  In the last thirty years, the price of solar panels has dropped by at least 200%.  Solar power kits can now be purchased from $200-$500.

8.  In the year 2000, USDOE claimed that solar power is almost perfect (99%) in San Francisco; since California gets a lot of sunlight, 200 megawatts of green electricity can be generated if all the rooftops of county buildings and homes are covered with PV panels.

By including school buildings, an added 1,500 megawatts is achievable.  The generated power is enough to cover the city’s electrical needs during an entire day.

9.  Germany is now using solar power despite its undesirable climate.  The energy generated during sunny days is stored in batteries.

10.  Energy from the sun takes approximately 8 minutes to reach Earth.

If you are interested in utilizing solar power, you should start with a solar power kit.  It is affordable and easy to assemble.  The materials can be purchased from local hardware stores and the guides are easy to follow as well.  Make sure that you purchase a kit that is manufactured by a prominent and trusted company to ensure that it works properly.  Some manufacturers also provide warranties for 10-15 years.  Take advantage of these great deals.

If you live in an area where there is plenty of sunlight throughout the year, solar power is an excellent energy choice.  Solar power is free, clean, and renewable.  In addition, you will be doing your part to help move us toward a green society that may offset all of the damage that we done to the planet.

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