Snow Daze

Mar 04, 09 Snow Daze
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Thanks to the snow storm that pounded the east coast, J is on his third snow day this week.  We haven’t seen anything like it.  Let me rephrase…we haven’t experienced anything like it.  So, while the snowball fights, snow angels, and failed attempts at snowmen were fun, there were some unexpected downfalls.

I have seen a couple of “dustings” in New Orleans (in all of my 27 years there), but the snow usually melted in our bare hands before a ball of it could be pitched.  In order to have snowball fights, we had to gather it by doing “Dukes of Hazard” type tumbles over the neighborhood cars, because the grounded snow was vanishing before our eyes.  Here?  No such luck.   I admired its beauty until I realized that somehow, I was going to have to move my car down my inclined driveway, buried under 8-10 inches of snow.

I thought that a little time and sun would prove to be nature’s best shovel, but it wasn’t.  So, I grabbed the non-snow shovel in my backyard shed and proceeded to look foolish while stabbing away at the ice that had formed overnight.   Fortunately, my neighbor, Joe (the name that I gave him because I can never recall it), saw me and crossed his lawn to chuckle at the New Orleans girl, who’s used to the four seasons being hot, hotter, hot as hell, and HELL!

After some conversation about his wife having to take on contract work and my surviving the layoffs at my job, he called his 16 year old son away from his creature comforts and asked if he would shovel my driveway and my front porch steps.   This young man didn’t so much as furrow his eyebrows. Expressionless, he disappeared for a few minutes and then emerged, tool in hand, ready and willing to put some heavy “elbow grease” into my property.  I was both impressed and amazed.  I thought to myself.

During a time when asset values are falling, cultivating good relationships is a worthy investment.

We are all feeling the effects of the recession in some way, whether directly or indirectly.  No matter if your head is stuck in the sand or pondering the gloom and doom of the clouds, we share the consequence, and perhaps even the blame.  And there WILL come a time when one or all of us will need a bailout.  Some of us will have to rely on our relationships in order to survive, and in some cases, maintain sanity.

I gave the young man 20 bucks and both he and Joe were highly appreciative…not nearly as appreciative as I was for their kindness, strong hands and snow shovels.  I thought to myself once again.

1. I’m going to have to learn Joe’s real name for possibly providing a contact (his son) for inexpensive lawn care next season; and

2. Can I turn my hobbies/chores into side hustles?

Symbiotic relationships can lead to unchartered avenues and this is the time to examine and expand territory.


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  1. Better yet.. You should look at “Joe’s” blueprint. He didn’t do a thing but I bet he took ten bucks off of his son when they walked away. Time to start J off with his very own lemonade stand.

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