Becoming A Smarter Shopper

Aug 30, 09 Becoming A Smarter Shopper
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Since the recession began, we have become better at managing our finances.  We have learned how to budget, save, and even begin paying down our debt.  Now, we must become wiser consumers.  Becoming a smarter shopper is another skill that will have a positive impact on your financial situation.

Write a List

Before you go grocery shopping, you should always make a grocery list of the items you need the most and always eat before you go shopping.  Shopping on a full stomach will prevent you from making impulse purchases and a list does the same thing.

Make a Budget

…and stick to it.  Your budget should be proportional to your income and needs.  You should try to come in under budget as often as possible.  Finding acceptable substitutes for name brand products and using coupons are two more ways to shave money from your bill.

Comparison Shop

Although it is convenient to shop at nearby stores, you can often find products cheaper at other stores, or even the same stores at different locations.  With a little extra effort, you can become an expert on bargain shopping.  And your wallet will thank you.

Beware The Advertisers

Whenever you see items radically reduced, or seemingly “awesome” sales, you should always research the retail price.  Some advertisers will mark up prices and then “reduce” them back to the original retail price.  If you do see an item on sale, make sure it is something you need or can afford in order to prevent impulse buys.

Becoming a smarter shopper is a skill like anything else.  It takes hard work and practice.  However, it will pay off when you reduce your discretionary spending and save more money down the line.

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  1. Lakia /

    Wow….excellent tips Louis! I agree because I often shop hungry and sometimes on an impulse. I will essentially apply these tips and see how much I save after a month…….I’m on my way to Walmart now. Hopefully I will “strategically” shop

  2. Nice blog! I will be back to see what else you post.


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