Making Smart Decisions That Benefit You in The Long Run

Feb 13, 09 Making Smart Decisions That Benefit You in The Long Run
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Here I go again… preaching on the soapbox telling you how to do this and that.  What do I know about making smart decisions?  What do I know about anything?  Not much, but I just know a little about a lot, along with knowledge from past mistakes which gets me pretty far.  I just try my best to make decisions in a smart, logical way; a way that will benefit me in the long run.  Hopefully it’ll rub off on 1 or 2 of you, and maybe you can develop your own way of thinking as well.

Admittedly, I made a LOT of dumb decisions back in my younger days (some still now), but just not as dumb as they were back then.  A first or new job can pull a fast one on you by making you think it’s safe to spend a high percentage of your paycheck on a crap load of “for the moment” items.

I was a CD junkie back then, and went crazy building a ridiculously large and braggable catalog of wonderful and RANDOM music.  I was also a big fan of the great chipotle sammich from Subway, which conveniently made its home at the Subway right across from the music store I worked at…

Unfortunately, the combination of new releases and daily doses of chipotle steak sandwiches did quite the 1, 2 “combo” on my pocket.  Not to mention, it was around the time when camera phones made their market debut, so for some reason, I thought it was financially responsible to keep my gadget game on 10.

...and none of them work!

...and none of them work!

I don’t have one banana pepper or a black olive to show for the excessive sandwich purchases, and sadly lost my entire music collection (along with all the Stevie Wonders) from a fluid follow through knock-out punch by a 3 year old woman whose name I won’t mention.  I occasionally come across all the phones I’ve used in the past when digging around in my box of loose fill-in-the-blank cables, and electronically deceased gadgets.

All that to say, I wish I knew then what I know now.  Some of my latter smart decisions and purchases have been excessive some may say.  But, I have a different opinion and point of view now.  Any large purchase I make, I make certain that it’ll be financially beneficial to me in the future.

My last large purchase was for 3 years of unlimited hosting service from a web hosting provider.  Some may call it dumb, and wonder why I didn’t just buy a few of the new flip-open transformer go-bot video tarot reading phones, But, to each his own.  If you can’t figure out why, more power to you.

I have a simple smart decision making code for those in a financial bind. It’s a very easy to follow financial algorithm. The only exception(s) to this are things beneficial to your survival as a human – (food, air, water, shelter).  If it’s more than 50 bucks, ask yourself: if you buy it, will it eventually put money back into your pocket?  If not, it’s probably not a smart decision to buy it, and ultimately will not benefit you financially at all.  Simple enough?

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  1. This seems a bit strict, but I understand. We use things to fill areas of our lives…many people have a problem with delayed gratification. I am working on this myself, with a little more success each day. Great article.

  2. A. New Leaf /

    I really enjoyed this article! And let me tell you, my brand new flip-open transformer go-bot video tarot reading phone is awesome and I wouldnt trade it in for the world lol. Maybe one day I’ll have as much discipline as you.

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