Rising Above Withdrawal Urges

Nov 01, 09 Rising Above Withdrawal Urges
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Since the recession began, many of us have been looking for ways to save a little money.  Cigarettes are major expense and can cost us more down the line in healthcare costs.  As a result, people have stopped smoking not only to improve their health, but also to save money.

However, as anyone who smokes or knows a smoker understands, quitting is not easy.  For those who are struggling with withdrawal urges, there are ways that will help you be steadfast in the face of temptation.  The important things is to seek treatment for withdrawal.

When you smoke, your body is exposed to nicotine, which is a very addictive substance.  The longer your body is exposed to nicotine, the harder it is for the body to function properly without it.  This is the reason why people who smoke, especially those who have been smoking for a long time, find it difficult to quit smoking.  They have become addicted to nicotine.  In order to be completely free, they will have to cleanse their system of nicotine and find ways to avoid their triggers.

Withdrawal symptoms may come in different forms.  These are some of the most common symptoms:

* Difficulty sleeping

* Constant nervousness

* Inability to concentrate

* Depression

* Irritability

* Increased appetite

Before you finally stop smoking, you will have to fight these withdrawal symptoms.  Failure to do so will result in you smoking again and all of your hard work will have been in vain.

Identify the urges that are the hardest for you to resist.  By doing so, you will have a better idea of how to manage them properly when they eventually manifest.  There several products that can assist you cut down your nicotine exposure.  There are nicotine gums and patches that will help wean you off your need for nicotine.  If you choose to buy these products, you should realize that you will have to stop using them eventually if you want to be completely free of nicotine.

There are also medicines and prescription drugs that can help you overcome depression after you have stopped smoking.  Sometimes, these medications may also help with other withdrawal symptoms as well.  However, before you take any of these drugs, you should consult your doctor first so that you can be prepared for any side effects.

These withdrawal urges may come and go throughout the day.  These urges are strong and you have to fight hard not to light up.  Yet, it is important to realize that after several times of successfully resisting these urges, you will feel the urges become less powerful.  As time passes, you find your resilience growing.

You will find strength, perseverance, and focus that you did not know that you had.  Find healthy diversions that focus your attention toward activities that will benefit you in a holistic manner.  Remember your reasons for quitting and hold on to them tightly.  The process you go through in order to stop smoking is not easy.  But your body and your pockets will thank you.

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