Where to Find Free Resume Builder Software

Sep 28, 09 Where to Find Free Resume Builder Software
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Considering that unemployment has recently reached the 10% mark, it’s important to make sure you’re on top of your resume game. It’s going to take more than your own sense of meticulousness to make sure your resume is its crispiest, and to make sure it stands out at first glance to picky employee seekers with low patience levels. Investing some time in testing some type of resume builder software may be your ticket to standing out in that 10%.

Attempting to make your resume stand out doesn’t call for you to place a post it note with the words “HIRE ME“! in all caps on top of your resume. Just try to make sure your text formatting and layout is clean and of stellar quality. If you’re not a great designer, there are several options available that can get you pretty close to a perfect resume format and design.

If you have Microsoft Word, you can go here to download some pretty elegant ready-made resume and CV templates. Your job at this point is to make sure you have the excellent credentials to replace with the default information. A sleek resume design coupled with Lorem Ipsum or a few worthless skills obviously won’t magically land you a call back.

Tweaking/pimping the default templates in Word have gotten me far in the past, but I’m sure there are more ways to do the trick. When getting the idea to make this post, a friend of mine made it a point to not let me close without mentioning this site: http://www.howtowritearesume.net. Apparently this is a free program that makes it quick and easy to design a resume in an aesthetically pleasing and desirable employee-seeker-friendly format.

If I come across anymore free resume builder software, I’ll be sure to update this post. Do you guys have a preference when it comes to formatting resumes? If so, feel free to comment and share with the readers.

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  1. I also use a resume template to keep my application updated for each positioned I’m interested. Through this, all of my resume are easy to tailor to different position and company.

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