Relieve Recession Stress With A Few Simple Exercises

Aug 16, 09 Relieve Recession Stress With A Few Simple Exercises
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Stressing too much over finances can cause you to feel as if you’ve been working 80+ hours a week – especially if you’ve been laid off, running low on cash, or just stressing over the mere idea of losing your job.

At such difficult times, the wise thing to do would be to decrease your stress levels as much as you have the capacity to.  No matter how far your stocks drop, or how many days until you’ll be out of a job, you still have to make time for some type of exercise. It’s a stress reliever, and besides, you’ll live longer if you do…so don’t think about it as a chore.

If you’re not alive to be around to pick up the phone when they call for that grand interview, what’s the point of just sitting around twiddling your thumbs and increasing your stress level?

Personally, when I exercise, it gives me time to think smarter and come up with more well thought out decisions in order to move forward and resolve most of those stress enabling issues that come around every so often.

Every now and then I suffer from back pain.  Stress and back pain are definitely related, which I learned from experience.  Try some of the very simple and effective exercises for back pain offered at to relieve some of that recession-based stress and tension.

Also, don’t forget your neck and shoulders, since stress feeds on these areas in abundance as well. A few days of repeating some of these very low impact exercises can lead to a significant decrease in your stress levels.  Hope this helps!

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