The Recession Bailout Package

Dec 23, 08 The Recession Bailout Package
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Bleak economic news continues to dominate the political and economic landscape.  Many states are bordering on bankruptcy.  As a result, they are slashing many public service and infrastructure programs.  Barack Obama is promising one of the largest spending packages in United States history.

Estimates of the price tag lie between $675-$850 billion dollars; and the majority of this money is going to be distributed to states and local municipalities.

The recession bailout package is being targeted towards rebuilding critical infrastructure, including: roads, bridges, public works, and unemployment benefits.  States, corporations, small business owners, and taxpayers stand to benefit tremendously from this wide-ranging bailout package.

Barack Obama stated that one his main goals is to recover over 3 million jobs.  Not only is the President-Elect focusing on infrastructure programs, he is also promoting “green-collar” projects such as, insulating homes, retro-fitting public schools in order to match new environmental and technological standards, and investing in new energy sources.

In addition, the government is going to increasingly expand broadband access in order to stimulate the high-tech job sector.

The recession bailout package is going to be a boon to the economy.  If President-Elect Obama and the Congress are serious about forging an economic stimulus that addresses America’s long-term economic and environmental interests, they may spur a new era of job growth and prosperity.

Most economists agree that a quick injection of a large amount of capital is essential to stave off a complete financial collapse.  However, there are hopeful signs that this is not going to be a piecemeal plan designed to engender popular support, but a proposal that genuinely addresses many of the long-term problems that face this nation at its crossroads.  If anyone is looking for a silver-lining among all the dreary news, this package is it.

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