We Owe It To Each Other To Make Healthy Choices

Aug 23, 09 We Owe It To Each Other To Make Healthy Choices
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The debate over the future of American healthcare has raged throughout August.  Between the chaotic ranting and minutiae of the particulars, making healthy choices, the most important aspect of the debate, has gone unnoticed.

Whatever happens with the bill, it is incumbent on us to begin to take responsibility for our choices and try to make better ones in the future.  Not only do we owe it to each other to support a system of equal access and compassionate care, we also owe it to each other to ease any unnecessary burdens on the system.

Far be it for me to be heralding responsible choices.  For most of my adult life, I behaved as if indulgence was a byproduct of hard work.  If I saw anything green or leafy on my plate next to my protein, I acted as if the meat was tainted with E. coli.  E. coli I could handle.  I like my food hot, greasy, cheesy, and easily consumable.  My comfort food should be tender, slow-cooked, heavy, and rich.  For dessert, anything slathered with butter cream.

As I have gotten older, I realized that choices have consequences.  Physical ones, such as an ever-expanding waistline, are an ever-present reminder of the insecurities that two deep-dish pizzas with extra cheese and a side of double-stuffed Oreos can never hide.

One day you realize that you owe it to yourself and the ones you love to make more responsible choices about your health and lifestyle.  No one is an island.  The good news is that making smarter choices is a matter of making incremental, yet meaningful changes.

To shed one pound of weight in a week, you merely need to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories.  Depending on your diet, this is not as hard as it looks…over a week it is foregoing soda for water, skipping dessert, or using fresh lemon instead salad dressing.

I have begun this journey in earnest.  I will occasionally document this journey, because it is important to demonstrate that survival has many facets.  Making healthy choices is the most critical component of survival.  Surviving the recession is important.  Being healthy and enjoying life is the goal.

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