Now What? Democrats Agenda Is In Deep Trouble

Jan 20, 10 Now What?  Democrats Agenda Is In Deep Trouble
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If we were living in the land of reality, an eighteen-seat majority would be no cause for alarm.  Sure, Scott Brown, a Republican that supports waterboarding, has just won Senator Teddy Kennedy’s seat in a special election in one of the bluest states in the nation.  However, because of a slavish and irresponsible adherence to the filibuster, the Republicans now have the ability to grind Senate business to a halt.  In the immediate future, the Democrats must decide how to move forward on healthcare, a new jobs bill, and financial industry regulations among others.

I haven’t decided whether the Massachusetts election is a referendum on Mr. Obama’s first year agenda, a sign of middle-American angst, or an uprising among independents.  However, the mainstream media has decided that this election has national consequences and the politicians have followed lock step.  Thus, we have our new narrative.  It seems mind boggling that a simple majority is no longer enough and the Republicans are celebrating their “victory.”

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